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Long term residency (6 mo) beginning October 2021

Sari Caine is a writer from New York City and was a child actress as well as youth chess champion. During the pandemic, she relocated to Kentucky and in late 2021 was embarking on a memoir journey in search of a longer term residency option. While on site she worked on details of her memoir as well as numerous stories for publications such as Huffington Post. The retreat into nature was a natural progression and the farm stay interactions with the donkeys was a regular activity. Sari utilized Studio 1 as a writing room which is on the side of the Lemon Lodge.

The natural world here is a complete contrast to the big apple and was embraced by Sari in joyous ways.

Sari's residency term overlapped with several other participants so there was definitely time for studio talks and many campfires.

Are you feeling the burn to make your work without the outside world distractions? If so, what would you create? Long term residencies for longer than 1 month are limited and available only by interview after application. Don't wait - apply now.


LONG-TERM RESIDENCIES INFO: Based on a video interview and additional questionnaire after application the long term residency terms are typically sabbatical length of 4-6 months. Often if one is not an academic on sabbatical, at least part-time work may be needed for your finances. There are limits to those hours and other restrictions to consider regarding guests, pets, and space upkeep that are discussed in the FAQ and in more detail in the contract.

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