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photo collage of fall field with hay bale and moon

Harvest season: Put your passion project on the front burner; Carve out a dedicated space and time to prioritize your recent creative direction; and Focus on the ideas that have been germinating for your new work even if that means switching gears.

Are you inspired by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, who embraces the experimental process and adventure in nature, or writers that escape into nature for their muse, inspiration or rejuvenation?

Use the light of the full moon to illuminate your creative agenda.
Harvest Moon 2024 - October 17/18.

DID YOU KNOW that the harvest moon rises quickly after sunset and illuminates the land with an orange glow to provide the light farmers would need to harvest the final crops of the summer?


Fall Foliage

2024 dates

Oktoberfest - Oct. 3 - 5 / Nashville, TN

Hohenwald Fall Festival -  Hohenwald, TN

Tennessee Medieval Faire - 1st 3 wknds / Harriman, TN

National Banana Pudding Festival - Oct. 5 & 6 / Centerville, TN

Jazz and Poetry Festival - / Jackson, TN

Southern Festival of Books - Oct. 26+27 / Nashville, TN

Annual Grape Stomp Festival - / Franklin, TN

Obion County Fall Fest - / Union City, TN

Tennessee Beer Festival - Oct. 19 / Nashville, TN

Haunted Harvest Festival -  / Old Hickory, TN (north of Nashville)

PumpkinFest - Oct. 26 / Franklin, TN

Cheekwood Museum & Botanical Garden Harvest Fall events

October Events
in the Area

Is your work enhanced by people watching, exploring the back roads, and wandering through cultural events?

If so, October provides an array of opportunities from the local towns to easy driving distance. Maybe you want to book-end a residency between festivals or make this a home-base for a month while you visit weekend events for inspiration and opportunities. Check out the list above for links to some of the annual activities (some already have their dates selected.)

Camp Wonder Wander sunset view blue sky with clouds

This is a really wonderful time in the foothills as the daylight hours begin to wane you might opt for sitting outside to see the show especially after a rain. If you opt for early or late October with waning or new moon options, you can definitely star gaze.

Weekly group meals in October are usually hearty and comforting. If there are more than 2 people in residency during a particular week, then we'll discuss opportunities for social gatherings to talk about work or even inspirational movie viewing.



This is also a great time of year to experience this guided walk that is a sensory liminal experience. Stay two weeks or longer and this is included in your program fee.

Check out the Nature Benefits page for more information.

Fall foliage can start as early as August into September. Each year is a guess as to how much colors and how vibrant it will be. Recent previous October months have ranged from warm and glorious to cold and rainy. We have had a quick snowstorm in October before, but this is not typical. This is a fun season to have warm drinks, sit by a campfire or the woodstove in Lemon Lodge. Blanket and sweater weather or one might still be able to wear jeans and a t-shirt.

The most appealing aspect of this residency (may choose more than one)
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