Annual Group Programs

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HARVEST MOON & autumnal equinox





It's time to put your passion project on the front burner; to carve out a dedicated space and time to prioritize your recent creative direction; or to harvest the ideas that have been germinating for your new work even if that means switching gears.

Are you inspired by artists such as Andy Goldsworthy, who embraces the experimental process and adventure in nature, or writers that escape into nature for their muse, inspiration or rejuvenation?

DID YOU KNOW that the harvest moon rises quickly after sunset and illuminates the land with an orange glow to provide the light farmers would need to harvest the final crops of the summer?

Use the light of the full moon to illuminate your creative agenda. This is an unstructured work on your own residency with opportunity to interact and socialize or even discuss each others' work during group breakfast and dinners.



feel the benefits of nature in this sensory immersion guided experience

Your host and fellow artist is a certified Forest Therapy guide (by ANFT) and is delighted to introduce you to the land with a welcome walk and a closing walk as a part of the creative process in this residency retreat experience.

This process is inspired by the Japanese Shinrin-yoku (Forest Bathing) where we learn to go slow and notice things we may not notice. When in normal day to day routine would you have extended time to sit and observe leaves or creatures or bark or the sky? For more information check out Val's blog at

Join a maximum of 8

artists, writers, designers, musicians, theater arts, artisans, or otherwise creatives for a


retreat residency.




September 20 - OCTOBER 3, 2021

[Harvest full moon September 20]


September 10 - 23, 2022

[Harvest full moon September 10]


14 DAYS IN A COMFORTABLE AND INSPIRING LODGING with space for social distancing and lots of fresh air,
HEALTHY FOOD (B,L,D) to nourish your creative drive, & ACCESS TO:
• BASIC SHOP TOOLS – drills, saw, hand tools
• WORKSPACES INCLUDING large tables, comfortable sitting chairs, exterior land to work big outside, drafting tables and desks


• TWO guided FOREST THERAPY WALKS at the beginning and end of the retreat which will help introduce you to this land and possibly develop a new creative habit. We will say farewell with a closing walk on our last full day together.

• One COMPLIMENTARY half day trip to explore nearby within an hour driving radius for up to 5 at one time. Be spontaneous and immerse in a wonder wander spirit with a driving tour of the area with stops as desired for photography, plen-air, and drawing/sketching. From barns and farms and waterways to random discoveries of physical objects or interesting signage, you'll enjoy the scenery in the rural rolling foothills of mid-south Tennessee. Do you love to pitstop in salvage and thrift shops? Then that can also be arranged.


Transportation to and from the camp
(can coordinate for an additional fee).

Art or other supplies including clay for your personal work
(additional one time fee for using glazes).


Meeting the camp animals: donkeys and donkey foals (if any), chickens, studio rabbit, the camp cats, peafowl couple, and even a tripod pyrenees

Campfires, quiet escape, sounds and colors of nature, and space.
The Buffalo River bed and swimming hole zone will take you out of time and maybe bring back a childhood spirit.


Take a nap in a hammock.
Wander the property for writing,
drawing, or other brainstorming or creative session.

Wood burning stoves in the main lodge. 
Participants will have a private FB group.

Will coordinate with participants on the menu to accommodate all dietary needs, restrictions as best possible.


The philosophy of Sarasvati creative Space includes being active in tasks that sometimes seem menial. This allows for our mind to wander as we engage in practice with our hands in such places as the garden and the grounds. It is expected that each participant will give a little bit of time in these activities as an exchange for the minimal costs to cover lodging and food. Expect to spend approximately 8 to 10 hours over the two weeks in this role from washing dishes to cleaning up the studio at night, to socializing with the donkeys or cutting a few stalks of bamboo, to marking trails or helping in the fall garden.

FEE: $1500.00

All participants guaranteed a private room. If you want to ensure that you have one of the three en-suite options with Queen or King bed, there is an additional $150 upgrade fee.

Please complete the application - deadline by AUGUST 15.

Payment due by August 30.

Please note: No smoking, no drugs, limited or no alcohol consumption. There are animals on the property including cats that are in only one of the 3 lodges. Please communicate any allergies or special needs when registering.

Cancellation policy: All funds must be paid by August 30th and there is no cancellation after that date. Cancellation before 30 days prior to the start of the even will incur a 10% fee. Cancellation between the 30 day window and August 30 payment deadline will be a 50% refund with the other 50% put towards a future retreat within 2 years.