Year of the Black-Water Tiger
(starts Feb 1. 2022)

Did you know? 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger. A Water Tiger occurs every 60 years so you can let your creativity flow like the Buffalo on the edge of the camp. Whether your project is seed planting, seed tending, harvesting, or seed saving, this month of focus might be just what you need in a farm like setting.


"This year is known as the year of the Water Tiger and will bring a confident and authoritative energy to all. Tigers are aggressive, tenacious, ambitious, competitive, and strong. Tigers are also known to be generous to their loved ones. Super enthusiastic in all they do, the Water Tiger has a strong moral compass and open mind. Therefore, we can imagine that this is a year that will encourage us to take charge of our lives and to grow into the person we want to be."


Thank you for your interest in a Sarasvati creative Space residency at Camp Wonder Wander. Delighted that you have found your way to this opportunity and look forward to reviewing your submission. The application fee of $25 will go towards the non-refundable portion of your security deposit if you are accepted and choose to participate. After the review and our general discussion, you will be sent a contract for review which requires a signature within 7 days and a security deposit within 10 days to hold your space. The contract will outline all aspects of the experience including cancellation fee. Please review our Covid19 policy in FAQ before submitting your application to make sure you are comfortable with it.

Dates/Spots Available (will be updated as possible):


Single shared bath June - December

LEMON LODGE - all roomsrooms 2022:
June 19-30, July 17 - 23, September - December

WunderCamphaus (cats live inside) 2022:

Queen Ensuite : August - December

Application Fee = $25

Security Deposit = $300 / non-refundable portion for less than 30 days = $75 and more than 30 day = $100 (which covers processing application, contract, arrival and departure logistics including room turnover).

You will receive an invoice for the application fee once your application is received. After payment, we will review your files. Priority will be given to long term applicants and those with more immediate needs if there is a vacancy.



By submitting my application I acknowledge:

  • My understanding that this residency program is not a school or workshop and therefore there are no formal instructional offerings included in my residency fee unless I negotiate GD instruction, mentorship coaching, or assistance with my work in my contract. Informal critique and art/design/craft/music/etc conversation may happen at any time without any notice and is usually spontaneous based on the time and circumstances of the others in proximity.

  • If I want a group programming experience with scheduled outings and activities, I will apply for the May group cohort.

  • I understand that there is no formal programming included in my residency fee except the Forest Therapy guided walk if I stay longer than 2 weeks.

  • I understand that I should communicate my interest in outings, activities, or intentional gatherings during my residency prior to my arrival and during my weekly reflection statements to see if other participants may be interested.

  • I understand that there is no guarantee as to the number of residency participants on site during my schedule and that there can be an ebb and flow of participants during my schedule.

  • I understand that my time is my own, my schedule is determined by me, and that any group activity is optional, is organic in its organization, and that sometimes I may be the leader of this activity at my own interest. I understand that there will likely be an option to gather socially on a weekly basis, if possible, such as movie night, stargazing, campfires, etc.

  • I understand that if I offer my expertise to other participants that there is no remuneration for my time.

  • I understand that I may not achieve my goals during my residency and that sometimes it is okay to shift gears, start over, or other facets of the creative process and that there is no supervision to ensure my personal project or progress. On the other hand, I understand that I may achieve my goals sooner than I hoped and it is up to me to structure the rest of my residency with new work, research, or other aspects of the creative process. It's also understood that sometimes rest and thinking time are most important parts of a residency so that I can be clear on my tasks.

Residency Application
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