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International artists are encouraged to participate in this residency program. There are currently no resources to cover your transportation costs to the U.S. This area of Tennessee is a good location to explore a variety of cultures, food, cities, and geography of the "South" is diverse and fascinating. Nearby Alabama was the heart of Civil Rights movement in the 60s.

Our location is 90 miles from Nashville International Airport which is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours by car. There are no regional public transportation options like many other countries. Pick up and drop off from airport can be arranged. If you plan on exploring the region you will need to rent a car. If you only want a few tours or visits to stores by car, those can be arranged with Val.

International flights may be less expensive to Atlanta, GA which is a 5 hour drive or even JFK in New York where you can board a domestic flight that are often inexpensive on airlines such as Southwest or JetBlue. Driving cross-country is also a lovely and once in a lifetime experience if you add in several days to your travel plans. NY is a 15 hour drive plus stops. Los Angeles is 1964 miles taking you thru 6 states going east on highway 40 approximately 40 hours plus stops. Chicago Mid-way is a one hour flight on Southwest or a 531 mile drive south approximately 9 hours.



Depending on your home country you most likely will need a travel visa. Visas provide a visitor status which does not allow travelers to work so you would not be able to have any financial compensation for any activities. Please visit this INFORMATIONAL WEBSITE with all the details about Visas. Most often you will need a B-2 Visa. The costs for this must be covered by each participant and the visa must be obtained to confirm your participation.


Val, an artist and designer, will be your host. She has some language skills in Spanish, French, Italian and learning more Japanese so she would like to practice. Of course there are helpful language translation tools, but English is the primary language if you are looking for practice in written or casual speaking. Val has traveled internationally to Europe including Italy, France, Germany, Denmark, England, Ireland, and Spain including Seville, the southern coast and Malaga, and Barcelona twice. She tried out her Spanish during a trip to Costa Rica in 2008. She spent a month in Egypt in July 2011 during the second rumblings of the Arab Spring and many of her photos are displayed at the camp. She has traveled extensively in Japan and brought back decor you will also see. She plans on visiting Thailand in 2019 and spent about 10 days in Sydney Australia which wasn't enough time to get over jet lag. She is very interested in cuisines from other countries and would do her best to acquire anything you may need such as spices or special ingredients even if it means we take a day trip into Nashville where there are many international options. She would love to cook with you and share conversation over meals.

Val is very aware of the current divisions and volatile environment in the U.S. under the current administration. This space is located in a part of the country that experienced many race issues dating all the way back to statehood when the Native American Tribes were forcibly relocated. She will do her best to provide a safe environment for international travelers. The space is rural and there is likely no need to regularly interact with locals unless you want to visit something in the region. Although there is a national rhetoric of anti-immigrant it is apparent there are many immigrants in this region. Please be aware that you may see confederate flags flying or adorning cars. Val's graduate thesis project for her MFA in design focused on a marginalized historical African-American neighborhood that was settled by emancipated slaves in her home state of Florida. She is very aware and interested in social justice, freedom, fairness, and tolerance.



Food during your stay is not included, but as the garden grows there will be some substantial community sustenance provided on a seasonal basis. Please note that eating healthy is part of the underlying philosophy of the space so we frown on soda and other junk food. If you are interested in coordinating cooking lessons or some meals provided, please inquire with the application. Help your brain by working in the garden. You may want to bring your own pillow or favorite blanket for the comfort of home. Anything you need to complete your work in terms of tools and supplies is not included, however you may request use of our basic tools from the essentials of screwdrivers or staple guns to drills, small bandsaw to chainsaw as we slowly develop a shop and ceramic studio. Transportation is not included, see below.



This is a rural area and if you want to explore or are scheduling a short residency a car is necessary. If you are reluctant to drive and just want to make sure you spend as much time as possible at the retreat space, Val can arrange pick up and drop off at the Nashville International Airport. If you are looking for a ride to groceries or a basic tour of the area, please inquire to coordinate with Val.



Val Sloan is a graphic designer, photographer, and storyteller. As the founder and manager, she desires to interact with creatives at various levels of their careers from youth and budding artists in college or not, and those with years of experience. Before residencies can be fully funded by grants, she wants to develop an exchange relationship with participants and residents whereby she will document your work. If you are an environmental artist and choose to visit seasonally to analyze, install, and inspect work as nature impacts it, Val will be your partner in that documentation. She can provide a finished product of a print publication, digitized document or web site as you discuss your needs with her individually.



Val has spent her career in education and has altered her teaching style to become a coach. She is good at asking questions and creating a dialogue between people to critically analyze. These sessions are not forced, but are available formally or informally. The hope is that over meals or while participant retreats overlap these engagements between different people, from different backgrounds and different disciplines will be beneficial for all.


Prices in US dollars  Monthly rates are minimum of 30 days to typically a maximum of 120 days. Those encountering displacement from natural disasters or other extenuating circumstances that you desire a longer stay, please indicate that in the application.

To receive the discounted rent, each participant commits to approximately 7 hours a week contribution to the care and maintenance of the property (can range from cleaning, sweeping, picking up sticks for fires, feeding or spending time with animals. suggested list will be provided in contract). $250 deposit and a signed contract.

  • Single room shared bath (2 rooms) - $175 a month

  • Full size bed shared bath (1 rooms) - $225 a month

  • Queen with bunk bed, sleeps up to four, en suite (2 rooms) - $300 a month*

  • *$50 per extra person/month, approved guests $15/day

Less than 30 days, rooms based on availability. Ask for 30-45 minutes a day contribution to the general upkeep, care and maintenance of the facility. This could be accumulated so a 5 day stay, one would spend approximately 2.5 hrs cleaning, washing linens etc before departure. $250 security deposit and contract

  • 1-10 days: $30/day

  • 11-20 days: $25/day

  • 21-29 days: $20/day

There is no guarantee for complete privacy or that one would not be sharing a bath if selecting a room with shared bath. Two rooms are located in a house that has numerous cats and two dogs.


​This is an emerging program and currently do not have financial resources to pay for your stay. We would like to collaborate in finding financing from grant applications to gofundme campaigns. Please message Val to start that conversation and figure out your budget.


  • Please submit application that includes details on creative project goals so we know what you are working on. Summer months may be coordinated depending on the ongoing seasonal activities at the camp not limited to workshops. Artists in residence during the summer may have opportunities to run a workshop or engage in other programming with the community.


Each longer term participant leave/donate one piece of their creative work at the camp which could be an installation, sculpture, mural, 2D art, literary production, video, etc. If you have selected our site for seed generation, ideation, and exploration your contribution could be as simple as a quote left for us to display or an image of your ideation. For those in longer term residencies, a profile will be developed on our website to document your work and archive your participation.



The main lodge will be used for residential workshops during the summer. During off-season, the space will be available for the short-term based on availability (weekends, week-long, month-long options) for creatives or other travelers in the area wanting a pitstop and possibly participate in short workshop activities. The space will be available for retreats, reunions, scouting activities, vacations, etc. – think airbnb meets youth hostel meets guest house. The revenue from this space will support the residency program, the youth programs, and future renovations or development at the facility.


The main lodge is like the living room for the camp, and acts as the central gathering space where all residents, participants, guests can gather to work, check in on wifi, and cook/eat group meals. Visit with the camp cat mascots Buttercup & Cutey Petewty, the chickens, and the rabbits - ZIG & ZAG, while you are here.


As a creative contemplative person, the founder and director Val Sloan understands wholeheartedly that it takes time to develop a body of work and created this center for the environment that offers a variety of opportunities for creatives in all disciplines. Each participant, depending on length of stay, will be asked to contribute to the community and growth of the camp facilities in areas such as general maintenance, cooking or prep for group meals, basic housing upkeep, physical activities in the garden, marking new trails in the woods or identifying a good work zone, and as the farm grows help with chickens and other animals.

As a graphic design educator, Val has always been inspired by the guild movements of Arts & Crafts and the Bauhaus as an anti-academic institution. She has walked away from a tenured professor position in order to pursue this new dream and sees the future environment of education along with the arts drastically changing. She's excited to meet creative people from all walks of life at whatever place/stage you are exploring as paths cross at the camp.

Val is a Soccer/Fubol fan and likes Matcha Tea, Pad Thai, Tikka Masala, and many other international cuisine options.

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