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get Lost, find Joy

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Join the Flock. Join the Drove (donkeys). Join the Crew.

writers, artists, graphic designers, and creatives of all walks of life are welcome, even part-time creative peeps, and are encouraged to coordinate your time in this supportive environment where you can HUG DONKEYS, pet cats, LAUGH with Chickens...
blue skies and birds today

blue skies and birds today

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Residency Overview

There are so many benefits one can cherish with a residency, retreat, or sabbatical stay at the Camp. Although this is not a resort because it is a rustic homestead environment with no staff, Val as your host is creating a unique environment so that you can focus on achieving your goals while still asking for your focus and mindfulness on basic habitat contributions during your time. There is a residency base fee and then a lodging fee determined by room choice and length of stay.

The residency fee includes all access to the land, unlimited interactions with the animals, and a designated studio, if needed. You'll be surrounded indoors by creatively designed spaces that have been organized as conducive to your work, and outdoors by all of the natural splendor that is slowly being curated in tamed and untamed ways by Val as the caretaker of the land as her giant art organism on-going project. Take time to browse the library of art and design books along with fiction/non-fiction options. The fee also includes electricity, broadband, eco-friendly supplies such as septic-safe and tree free-toilet paper, non-toxic dish and laundry detergent (no sponges on site, and paper towels not provided). The ongoing maintenance you may or may not notice includes gardening and landscape and other upkeep such as taking the trash to the landfill and the cleaning of your room pre and post occupancy. There will be housekeeping once a week to ensure the health and wellness of everyone as well as the longevity of the facility in the general common spaces, but participants are expected to wash dishes daily (nothing left out overnight); sweep/vacuum daily; wipe down counters and sinks after use (and immediately clean your own shower or toilet if you make a mess); help with your own compostable items, upcycling sorting, and trash to the outside station; and keep communal spaces clutter free so that others may be able to walk or sit. If you don't like washing dishes, just opt for the add-on service. Lastly, the fee includes a Wednesday night weekly group meal procured and prepared by Val (most likely gluten free and leaning vegetarian/pescatarian.) where we may also have a movie, artist/creative talk, or maybe even a bonfire. During harvest time or an overabundance of eggs, you may be able to include those items in your own meals. Please see the F.A.Q. below for more details.


Flower Moon
may 2023