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Residency Overview


The space has been established to support and encourage creative participation for short or longer term residencies from emerging artists (of any age) in your discipline, creatives of all colors, and parents (children & partners welcome depending on the schedule or length of stay). We have a large workshop studio with garage door, plenty of outdoor space, porches, cozy seating, tables and drawing boards, a basic tool shop, and targeting in 2018 ceramics wheel and kiln. Although turning off the phone and limiting social media is an underlying philosophy, wifi is available camp wide. Those with more traditional projects only needing your laptop and the internet connection, you can work easily here.  Attempts will be made to coordinate a diverse group when residency schedules overlap as well as not booking too many who need to use the workshop space at the same time.

Preference in scheduling will be given to:


  • Graphic Designers, Web Design, Typographers, Animators

  • Film, Video, Installation, Storytellers

  • Fiber arts

  • Drawing and Painting

  • Writers, Poets, Songwriters

  • Environmental Artists*

  • Muralist*



Residents are offered a private room in a shared house, but can potentially be the only participant during their time based on scheduling. In exchange for the deeply discounted furnished room rent, access to the living spaces and kitchens, community spaces inside and out, each participant is asked to contribute about 30-45 minutes a day, for those staying less than 2 weeks, in the general care and maintenance of the property from contributing to the evening meal or washing linens prior to departure (a suggestion list of chores will be shared in contract). For those staying longer than 4 weeks, we ask for 7 hours a week contribution. Please note a private bath cannot be guaranteed unless those rooms are available and booked as you desire.


The three residential spaces are fully furnished, kitchen equipment (from utensils to pots and pans, coffee makers, etc.) and basic amenities of bedding and a pillow. Basic fees help to cover the costs of utilities, wifi across the camp, and supplies such as toilet paper, light bulbs and eco-friendly cleaning products. For those staying longer than a month, a security deposit of $250 is required of which $50 is non-refundable. The main lodge is a gathering space that can be utilized by multiple residents, with the large tables to spread out or eat group meals. The main lodge features a loft with 6 twin beds dormitory style available for groups or individuals staying on a short term basis. Two other bedrooms are also available for residency and retreats when workshops not in session. The second lodge is a 3 bed/2 bath unit and each room is available for your retreat or residency program, or can be utilized for a group retreat.



Food during your stay is not included, but as the garden grows there will be some substantial community sustenance provided. Please note that eating healthy is part of the underlying philosophy of the space so we frown on soda and other junk food. If you are interested in coordinating cooking lessons or some meals provided, please inquire with the application. Help your brain by working in the garden. You may want to bring your own pillow or favorite blanket for the comfort of home. Anything you need to complete your work in terms of tools and supplies is not included, however you may request use of our basic tools from the essentials of screwdrivers or staple guns to drills, small bandsaw to chainsaw as we slowly develop a shop and ceramic studio. Transportation is not included, see below.



This is a rural area and if you want to explore or are scheduling a short residency a car is necessary to get to and from. Until at least summer 2018, we will not have on site group transport unless something is scheduled for a workshop. If you are comfortable without a car for your stay, we can coordinate potential pick-up/drop-off from the Nashville airport and most likely weekly errands into the local town, the nearby city of Columbia or the larger metropolitan of Nashville. Don't miss out on the first Saturday of the month art crawl in Nashville or the monthly flea market at the fairgrounds. Coordinate with Val these extra activities.



Val Sloan is a graphic designer, photographer, and storyteller. As the founder and manager, she desires to interact with creatives at various levels of their careers from youth and budding artists in college or not, and those with years of experience. Before residencies can be fully funded by grants, she wants to develop an exchange relationship with participants and residents whereby she will document your work. If you are an environmental artist and choose to visit seasonally to analyze, install, and inspect work as nature impacts it, Val will be your partner in that documentation. She can provide a finished product of a print publication, digitized document or web site as you discuss your needs with her individually.



Val has spent her career in education and has altered her teaching style to become a coach. She is good at asking questions and creating a dialogue between people to critically analyze. These sessions are not forced, but are available formally or informally. The hope is that over meals or while participant retreats overlap these engagements between different people, from different backgrounds and different disciplines will be beneficial for all.




  • Short-term retreats and residencies may be coordinated throughout non-summer months. Whether you have a creative project in the works or are really looking for the time and space to retreat in a rural area in order to rejuvenate and kick-start your ideas, our site will welcome you. Whether it be a weekend, week-long, or month long visit your stay is customizable. If you are interested in bringing your family we can help coordinate that too and ensure that you have the private space.  You may be the only one at the time or coordinate your group of up to 7 to stay together. We will make every effort to communicate to you if others are staying at the same time.

SUMMER (June thru August)

  • Limited space available during the summer months. Please submit your application and include details about your requirements or issues that you would like to be considered for a stay in the summer. Efforts will be made to accommodate you within the workshop schedule.


Monthly rates are minimum of 30 days to typically a maximum of 120 days. Those encountering displacement from natural disasters or other extenuating circumstances that you desire a longer stay, please indicate that in the application.
To receive the discounted rent, each participant commits to approximately 7 hours a week contribution to the care and maintenance of the property (can range from cleaning, sweeping, picking up sticks for fires, feeding or spending time with animals. suggested list will be provided in contract). $250 deposit and a signed contract.



  • Single room shared bath - $250 / month

  • Full size bed shared bath - $300 / month

  • Queen with bunk bed, en suite - $365 a month*


MAIN LODGE (more likely Fall, Winter, Spring, please inquire)

  • King with twin, en suite - $850 / month*

  • Full size bed shared bath - $350 / month

  • Single DORM style (7 beds) - $75 / week per person plus tax

  • PINE ROOM shared space, may be reserved as private room - $500 / month


DIRECTOR HOUSE (animals live in this house, is also the camp office)

  • Queen with bunk bed, en suite - $365 a month*

  • Single room shared bath - $200 / month


*$50 per extra person/month (queen ensuite max 4, king ensuite max 3)

* approved guests $15/day

If you are having a great experience and want to extend your stay less than an additional month, the additional rate is not divided by 30. All rooms will be extended at the $20/day rate except the King ensuite which is $30/day.

Less than 30 days, rooms based on availability. Ask for 30 minutes a day contribution to the general upkeep, care and maintenance of the facility. This could be accumulated so a 5 day stay, one would spend approximately 2 hrs cleaning or other projects before departure. $250 security deposit and contract

  • 1-10 days: $30/day

  • 11-20 days: $25/day

  • 21-29 days: $20/day

Kiln - $10/firing. add $5 / kiln per additional kiln per firing

Hot tub - $20/use or $60 for 5. Inspired by the health and wellness of hot saunas and hot baths while traveling in Japan, an asset like this is essential. Please shower before use and obey all other posted rules.

Yukata rental - $5/day . A Yukata is an informal kimono used in Japan sometimes seasonally in the summer as it's made with lighter fabric. More often they are used for evening routines after a bath, hot tub ritual. If you would like to try one out for a day to photograph or lounge in, don't hesitate to ask to see the options brought back from recent trips to Japan.

Ask about other add-on activities like:

- Kayak rental

- Tent rental

- Telescope rental

- Antique/Thrifting tour

- Nature guide or Forest Bathing

- Yoga class (taught by local instructor)


  • Please submit application that includes details on creative project goals so we know what you are working on. Summer months may be coordinated depending on the ongoing seasonal activities at the camp not limited to workshops. Artists in residence during the summer may have opportunities to run a workshop or engage in other programming with the community.


Each longer term participant leave/donate one piece of their creative work at the camp which could be an installation, sculpture, mural, 2D art, literary production, video, etc. If you have selected our site for seed generation, ideation, and exploration your contribution could be as simple as a quote left for us to display or an image of your ideation. For those in longer term residencies, a profile will be developed on our website to document your work and archive your participation.



The main lodge will be used for residential workshops during the summer. During off-season, the space will be available for the short-term based on availability (weekends, week-long, month-long options) for creatives or other travelers in the area wanting a pitstop and possibly participate in short workshop activities. The space will be available for retreats, reunions, scouting activities, vacations, etc. – think airbnb meets youth hostel meets guest house. The revenue from this space will support the residency program, the youth programs, and future renovations or development at the facility.


The main lodge is like the living room for the camp, and acts as the central gathering space where all residents, participants, guests can gather to work, check in on wifi, and cook/eat group meals. Visit with the camp cat mascots Buttercup & Cutey Petewty, the chickens, and the rabbits - ZIG & ZAG, while you are here.


As a creative contemplative person, the founder and director Val Sloan understands wholeheartedly that it takes time to develop a body of work and created this center for the environment that offers a variety of opportunities for creatives in all disciplines. Each participant, depending on length of stay, will be asked to contribute to the community and growth of the camp facilities in areas such as general maintenance, cooking or prep for group meals, basic housing upkeep, physical activities in the garden, marking new trails in the woods or identifying a good work zone, and as the farm grows help with chickens and other animals.

As a graphic design educator, Val has always been inspired by the guild movements of Arts & Crafts and the Bauhaus as an anti-academic institution. She has walked away from a tenured professor position in order to pursue this new dream and sees the future environment of education along with the arts drastically changing. She's excited to meet creative people from all walks of life at whatever place/stage you are exploring as paths cross at the camp.

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