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Property Information

Rural and Rustic for a reason. This area is called the "Western Highland Rim" and is the foothills of Appalachia. The founder, Val, was intentional in locating a rural property for the purpose of a disconnection for the creative spirit to create this residency from literal ground up. Regular society including basic stores and restaurants are at least 12 miles away taking about 20 minutes to drive making this a lovely quiet escape with only a few neighbors in the visible distance and mostly farms / ranches in the area.

This is one of the last remaining light pollution free areas in the region.


The property is divided into two sections with 5 acres that has the buildings, donkeys, gardens, etc. A short walk across the road is a primitive untamed 12 acres with about 500 feet of river frontage. The riverside is also used by campers and kayakers. 


The property includes a combination of forest, open fields, bamboo garden, the river bed, a pond by the bamboo in process, chicken and peacock zones, and a garden with fruit trees. The garden is an example of patience and change so it's an ongoing project. Access to our private spot on the Buffalo River is just a short 10-15 minute walk to the far edge of the camp where you can fish, hunt rocks, or swim.


The local town called Hohenwald which is German for "high forest" has a few amenities including a public library. For more information on local resources on where to get groceries etc. please visit the LOCAL RESOURCES page. For more information on the region and some sites of interest in Nashville or even south into Florence/Muscle Shoals, AL, please visit this page.

a Big Art & Design Organism

Enter into a big passion project filled with art and design that is continuing to evolve as an organism in itself. You may not want bold or bright colors in your personal space at home, but here it's an intentional shift for the spirit. Some rooms/spaces will be more quiet visually, while others are bursting with love and even a growing gallery of artistic contributions from those that pass through.

LODGING OPTIONS: These structures were on site when Val found the property - feel free to ask about that story of making plans to leave academia and start the unpaved path here. Renovations and fixes have been happening over the last several years. The landscape is also evolving.

Raspberry Residency House: 3 bedrooms and 2 baths with a living and kitchen area featuring decks on the front and back.


Lemon Lodge: This is at the 'front' of the property and also used for retreats and as a guest rental so this is not always available for the residency. If you have a group you want to coordinate, this is a great spot that sleeps up to 14. Sleeping rooms include an ensuite with a King and Twin, a private with a full bed sharing the hall bath, a loft with 7 twin beds, and two additional twins acting as daybeds that are in the pine room that doubles as a dining room, movie space, or work space (when available).


Camphaus: This doubles as the camp office and Val's studio in the living area. The two rooms are an ensuite with Queen and twin bunk beds and a Queen with an armless WestEnd couch that shares the hall bath. These rooms are the only ones available for month or longer residency terms. *This house is like a cat cafe so you cannot be allergic in the slightest.

STUDIO OPTIONS: Studios are assigned on a case by case basis and residency needs are taken into consideration when coordinating your schedule if the size space you need may already be assigned to someone else.

OUTSIDE: The major benefits of this residency is the variety of outdoor space to work. Sometimes people arrive with a more traditional view of what they need in a constructed space with four walls, but quickly realize the benefits of not being cooped up indoors while at this lovely place. Those who have found they can work outside have had some of the best experiences. There is wifi antennae on the 5 acres so you can move around to listen to your podcast or music while you work. If all you need is a laptop, you'll find one of the many decks/porches, outside chairs, hammocks, or visit the river and find some great rocks large or small.

STUDIO 1: A 'three-season porch' style room attached to the side of the Lemon Lodge. This features three walls of windows providing natural light and two tables to be able to spread out your work. The primary entrance is outside so please be aware that there may be Lodge rental guests during your stay. The inside access to the porch has a lock. Rental guests are very aware that there are residency participants working. *This is not a good option in the winter.

STUDIO 2: A free-standing barn-like structure with cement floor and three windows approximately 10 x 15 ft. This is very rustic, but does have electric outlets and overhead lights installed. There are some flat shelves and a large flat surface to use. Previous residents have left boards attached to the interior posts to provide future residents with existing flat wall option. If you use an easel, this is a good spot that is a covered shelter. This is close to the Lemon Lodge, but a few minutes walk to the Raspberry Residency House in case you need to use the bathroom. There is no climate control in this structure. Please ask if you need a fan. This is not an ideal spot in the depths of winter (most choose to work inside during colder months). (There is a toilet room in the works close by so you don't have to walk all the way back to the house). *Please note that the camp cat Buttercup has her food bowl on the top shelf to keep it away from other animals. She's a very sweet cat that won't bother you.

FINE SPOT 1: A one-story barn like structure that may have previously been used as a garage. This is very rustic, but does have electric outlets and an overhead light. Those who need a messy space this is perfect with a gravel and dirt floor. There are two wood 'barn' doors that open to provide natural light and there is a window in the rear. Has two table surfaces and some storage shelves. Good for large work or sculpture.

STUDIO 3: Enter using a garage door and utilize the front section of Val's studio. Approximately 10 ft x 8 ft workable area and a couch, this space has been used by painters working on easels with average size canvases. This is ideal in the time of year when keeping the garage door open allows you to have lots of fresh air. If you need flat surface to work, please discuss and you may be able to use another section of Val's studio where the rabbits also hang out. This currently does not have climate control, but if you need heat in the winter that can be accommodated.

An exterior open-air space with a roof on the back of the Lemon Lodge. This is a work in progress and would be great for those needing a large area to be messy.

INSIDE: Common areas in each house offer opportunities for workspace. Very often, residency participants have indicated the desire for a separate 'studio' to work, but once settled in have discovered that setting up a corner in the common area, in climate controlled accommodations, close to bathroom or a kitchen is actually a much better work environment especially if staying during the more extreme heat months or more extreme cold winter months. This is helpful for those working small in sketchbooks, small canvases, laptop/digital work, etc. Residency participants have been extremely accommodating of each other and negotiate the workspace they each need at that moment organically.


INSIDE/PINE ROOM: The rear room of the Lemon Lodge is available off-season from retreats and guest rentals. This room is cooled with a window a/c and heated with a wood stove. It features lots of natural light with numerous windows, a good solid smooth floor, and tables on casters that can be used as desks or work surfaces. Items in the room can be moved around to accommodate possible options so please make sure to explain your needs. This is a good workspace in fall/winter months.

YOUR PRIVATE ROOM: Each private lodging room has a desk (except the ensuite in Camphaus) to help you stay organized. One residency participant set up her easel in her single room in the Raspberry to be cozy and work at various hours than others in the common area. One residency participant decided to use the Queen bed in the Camphaus ensuite as a way to spread out all of her photography to organize while she slept in the twin bed. She used her laptop with the portable lap desk and brought along her inkjet printer. Depending on your needs, you may find that the camp space can be 'campy' alternative to what a normal 'studio' will provide.




Studio Options
Interior Galleries


Raspberry Residency is a bright, fun space featuring numerous windows providing natural light. There is a deck at the front and at the back. The communal space is open concept kitchen and living area with various seating and flat surfaces. The house features 3 bedrooms and 2 baths - one is ensuite (currently completing renovation). This is a campy and yet cozy abode. Flower gardens are expanding all around and you can sometimes see the donkeys grazing nearby.


This house features 2 sleeping rooms on the main floor and a loft with 7 twin beds. It's great for groups and is sometimes occupied by non-residency guests. The vibe is more calm colors and ambience than Raspberry Residency house if that is important for you. This gallery shows the sleeping room options.


Two rooms available here tucked into the forested section of the property. These both have queen beds and also your own small fridge. If you are not allergic to cats, you'll definitely enjoy the common area as they will want to be your best friend.

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