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In just under two hours drive from Nashville, you can enter a creative retreat environment conducive to a focused, quiet place to channel your craft. In Memphis? Just under 3 hours east. In Florence, AL? A little over an hour drive north/northwest.


Hey y'all in Nashville! You are in the heart of the music industry and Music City which is so exciting and brings so many connections for you. But, you may be feeling like you need a quiet getaway to tune out all of those distractions, the daily routine, and all of the sounds of urban life.

Schedule that getaway for your craft in a retreat or longer residency. In 2024, now offering special opportunities for Nashville, Memphis, or nearby Alabama songwriters a spot to hunker down in a nature immersion that can allow the creative juices to flow. Farther afield? Don't fret, this is a great place for you too!

Here you can HUG DONKEYS or gaze and chill outside with them in the distance. You will hear a variety of lighter than urban sounds from the wind in the trees/leaves, the birds of various sizes including roosters and peacocks with interesting calls, and sometimes even insects. Sometimes you'll catch an incredible storm or if you listen close you might hear moos in the distance (owls and coyotes at night).


Mother nature is your support system here. There are a total of 17 acres with the prime spots being the bluff and the river frontage. This section of the river is very private too as there are no outfitters that plop raucous partiers up river to bother us from enjoying this peaceful slice of loveliness that can literally take you back in time in thoughts and feelings.

People who embrace this liminal experience for their creative journeys have all had some sort of shift - personally, creatively, professionally. Most find that 2 weeks is a good amount of time to decompress and then harness the flow.

Those of you currently in the Nashville area or nearby music centers in Tennessee and Alabama, may just need a jaunt for a day or two, or five.

Start the conversation today to learn about the special offerings for you from a day visit or overnight camping to up to 5 weekday/weeknights in the comfortable and cozy Lemon Lodge so you can still get to what you need for your career on the weekend. If you think a week or longer is more important, then head over to complete the more formal residency application since you are ready to sink in all the offerings that await you here.

Subscribe to stay tuned for updates on an event and exhibit space in nearby Hohenwald that you might be interested in for performance opportunities. Check out the High Forest Den website for more information or subscribe here and we can talk more.

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