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MICAH DAW [info]


1 week - June 2023

Micah Daw is based in Greensboro, NC and is a mixed-media artist, painter, and college art professor (at Elon). His work is typically large in scale on canvas, but he also has smaller scale works on paper that are developed over lots of time, layers, cut and reassembling. For the road trip from Greensboro to the camp, it just made more sense to bring along the smaller works in progress.

Micah stayed in the Lemon Lodge and used the pine room as a studio which has lots of flat surfaces to spread out. It also has a view of the donkey land. In a conversation with Micah, he talked about how the space fit his needs, and that he even got inspiration from seeing all the different personalities of the donkeys outside the window. Unfortunately, this week while Micah and Emily were on site, Val was experiencing a strange technical problem with the phone camera so the video recording was lost.

However, you can see some of what Micah was working on here:

Although the work is abstract, there are influences from the natural world that Micah draws from in his compositions and experiments with texture and colors. As an academic, just one week in the summer break is a good strategy to inject energy into a life's work journey.

The Lemon Lodge Pine Room is one of several studio spaces across the camp. Please view the Property Information page to learn more about the options. This room is not available at all times of the year so make sure to apply far enough in advance if you think that you will need inside work area with lots of natural light, moveable furniture, with a decent size floor area. For visual reference, it has undergone several transformations over the years and this layout is most accurate. It features a twin bed and trundle in one corner without windows if you are interested in a live/work studio space where you may have random hours and want to sleep without having to walk more than a few feet. The current television you see in this image is only set up for dvd. The only other television available is in the camphaus as a smart connection for occasional movie nights.

The mantra here is to let your creativity flow like the Buffalo (river). What would you create? Apply today and schedule a week or two to focus on your passion project.

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