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3 weeks - August 2023

CT Lisa is an Atlanta-based writer who works professionally in marketing as a writer and also has a personal practice as a writer and literary magazine editor. Following graduate school at Columbia College Chicago (during pandemic times), CT felt the need for some focused time to work on several projects - fiction novels primarily. He coordinated the time with a fellow writer in the grad school cohort to be able to have a shared studio style experience. His three week residency kickstarted with a short writing workshop that he led using improv concepts and embraces happy accidents.

These are a few of the book resources and aspects of the journal component for writing prompts. There will be future opportunities to teach in person or remotely so if this interests you, please include that in your application.

For those staying at least two weeks, a complimentary guided Forest Therapy walk (by Val, a certified guide) is included in the residency fee. This August day session was shortened slightly by a thunderstorm, but our conclusion on the front porch of the Lemon Lodge was really memorable as the rain started.

CT and CJ also participated in the farm stay scholarship so CT helped with kindling, picking up rocks, and even using the electric push mower. CT explains that he's a very active person who likes to run and spend time in nature, so the farm stay scholarship was a good opportunity to combine physical activities with the farm experience.

CT prefers to use a traditional typewriter for his craft. He brought along a special gift from his grandmother to work. It's a tool that can be transported on the plane and then in various sitting spots.

At the end of his three weeks, CT shared some of his writing and journaling in a great conversation interview in the next post.

Do you have a professional and personal practice that you are balancing? Could you use some focus time to put the personal work on the front burner? Can you use an off-season or go remote part-time for a personal and creative hibernation?

If so, what would you create? Apply today.

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