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These White Sage, Dollar Eucalyptus, Purple Sinuata, and Lavender Flower herb sticks are simply enchanting! Each beautiful herb work so well with one another! 

Sage is very strong for healing. The smoke can be used to cleanse, bless and heal a person, place, or object.

Purple Sinuata is associated with memory, remembrance, and psychic abilities. The energy of the Sinuata flower is linked to memory, sympathy, and success. The color violet is linked to royalty, beauty, extravagance, nobility, fantasy, mystery, charm, and grace. Purple Sinuata cleanses and invokes the energies of enchantment, charm, and grace.

Eucalyptus is derived from an evergreen tree and is commonly used for purification and for bringing forth new, refreshing energy to your life.  It is traditionally used to cleanse the air of negative and stagnant energy as well as sickness and toxins. When burned during spiritual ceremonies, Eucalyptus is said to relieve mental exhaustion, heal regrets and worries, and stimulate fresh energy to matters of concern.

All of our herbs are sustainably harvested in the USA.

Listing is for one bundle 4'"-Length 1.25 " width. The image shows multiple bundlesof floral sage.


Floral Sage -White Sage, Eucalyptus, Purple Sinuata & Lavender 4"- 1 Piece

SKU: 9da0a3eb
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