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March 2022

William David Bryant is a Virginia-based artist with a unique back-story that led him to his artistic practice of geometric landscapes. Professionally he goes by Roanoke Reverb and his portfolio can be found here

David spent one week in March overlapping a residency term with multiple others that chose this lovely spring season for their experience as well. Due to the scale of the work, the plans were only to complete one painting - now titled "Interplay: Peaks of Otter, Thaxton" which is shown on the website and in process below. The portfolio website also outlines in detail the artistic relationship and philosophy in the use of geometry

Due to the medium and methods, it was vital for the work to be in an area dust-free and relatively climate neutral. Residing in the Lemon Lodge private room (shared bath option) meant that the pine room as a studio just steps away was the perfect location for this work. The natural light and the scenery of the donkeys outside the window created a truly unique experience.

In conversations about the work, David admitted that he thought it would take him longer to complete than it did. This was because once one is away from a normal life routine with distractions it becomes much easier to create a productive studio routine. David also made good use of exploring the design books in the library and conversations with Val as a former graphic design professor and other residency participants with varied art practices.

Check out the next blog post with the interview conversations with him regarding his process, his inspiration, how he got involved in art, and general aspects of the residency. The pine room studio has two tables that can be moved around and natural lighting. Wifi is available across the 5 acres of the camp to help connect for research or contact with home.

Do you have a professional and fine art practice that you are balancing? Could you use some focus time to put the fine art work first with complete attention?

If so, what would you create? Even if you can only get a week away from normal life, you might be surprised by what you can accomplish. Apply today.

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