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T Casey [info]

Writer / Poet / Artist

2 weeks - July 2023

T (Tressa) Casey is a writer and artist who has a professional life as a nurse in Minneapolis school system. For the summer break, T wanted an opportunity to have a solo residency in order to focus on various passion projects including elements of a memoir. T is active in social justice and has a deep connection to the natural world making this residency a good spot.

Works on paper and fabric may be the most visible example of the work created during the residency. However, time in nature during the summer with long days and warm nights is the delicacy of the experience. For a two-week minimum residency, participants are taken on a complimentary Forest Therapy guided walk.

Forest Therapy has many benefits and offers an opportunity to focus on the senses while going slow (and disconnecting from regular world and technology). Finding liminality is a mindfulness opportunity. T spent hours on the riverside including hanging a hammock for a private reading spot.

The Raspberry Residency House underwent a few cosmetic updates from the fall of 2022 to the spring of 2023. The living room has been rearranged and this excellent vintage table can double as a work area or eating spot. The kitchen also has a tall table for dining area or to use a laptop while gazing out the sliding glass doors.

The residency program now also includes a group meal once a week prepared by your host Val. The meal shown here was made by T as an extra gathering night prior to departure.

Do you have a professional life that you try to balance with your creative work, passion projects, and/or long list of books to read? Could you use some focus time to put the fine art, writing, and personal introspection work first with complete attention? Can you use your off-season or a short vacation for a personal and creative hibernation even in the summer months?

If so, what would you create? Apply today.

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