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May 2021

Raelynn is a youth art educator in drawing and ceramics currently teaching in Lawrence, Kansas while her fiance, a cellist, completes his DMA (The Doctor of Musical Arts combines advanced studies in an applied area of specialization (usually music performance, music composition, or conducting) with graduate-level academic study in subjects such as music history, music theory, or music pedagogy.) source They both participated in a 5 day residency as a much needed break after a long academic term during the pandemic which was a pit stop between the school year and their family home in Michigan. Raelynn wanted to use her time in making for herself as well as experimenting with botanical print on fabric. Check out the interview in the next post where she shares her motivation and an example of this process. You can find her on Instagram here.

It was great seeing Raelynn spending time on the porches in the beautiful May weather. One of the camp cats, cutey, was also super delighted to have her as a friend for a few days.

In fact, numerous residents at the same time found some great outdoor spots all at the same time. The camp features a landscape that is conducive to inspiration.

Follow Raelynn on Instagram. While she works in 3D, she did not focus on this during her residency.

Her general Instagram features a broader array of life in art including food, travel, and more.

What would you create? Are you interested in a creative shift or space to experiment with new materials, new ideas, new directions?

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