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5 DAYS - JULY 2021

Danielle is a scholar, educator, and practicing psychoanalyst and consultant in Connecticut. As a life long learner with a PhD in Sociology, Danielle is Professor of Gender, Sexuality, and Intersectionality Studies and Psychoanalyst who is also pursuing a degree in painting.

"As an artist. I believe that my experience as an artist helps me better understand the symbolic and non-verbal expressions of the children and adults with whom I work." - Dr. R. Danielle Egan

Her paintings and collages primarily have the theme of nature and birds so this residency was a wonderful opportunity during the summer when the flora and fauna are thriving. Danielle chose to work on the back porch and remarked at how peaceful it was as a workspace.

Soon after her arrival due to the short amount of time on residency, Danielle joined one of Val's Forest Walks which was an entry into the nature immersion aspect of the program. She also arrived soon after a donkey foal was born so there was a lovely opportunity to interact with this new creature.

What would you create? If nature is your muse, collaborator, or co-conspirator, then this space might be right for you. #sarasvaticreativespace #artistresidency #rdanielleegan #watercolor #collageartist #mixedmediaartist #campwonderwander #tennessee #residencyprogram #natureimmersion #creativework #artlife #rural

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