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Mixed Media / Installation Artist

Long term residency (7 mo) beginning September 2021

Jon Hendricks is a Tennessee-based contemporary artist who creates installations that engage the audience in the realm of narrative and memories. He often uses old photos found at garage sales or online and other found objects in the work. Jon quickly fell into a rhythm of making work constantly and utilized studio 2 for 2/3 of his term. His object installations are still on site tucked into unexpected places for guests of the campground and retreat space to possibly encounter. There was absolutely no way to document every day or the momentum of this long term residency, but visiting Jon in the studio there was always something in progress. Jon also created enough work in a short amount of time to have a solo show and you can find more about him with a large portfolio to peruse at There is definitely evidence of a natural world inspiration in the work he made while on site such as mushrooms growing or physically using the plant material growing at that time. He often experiments with layers of wax, acrylic, dying paper or fabric, glue/hot glue, plaster, and more mixed media. Jon is a true Renaissance contemporary mixed-media artist with work in photography, encaustic and abstract paintings, installations with sculpture, and photo manipulations.

Some examples of work in progress and textures during the term:

These are some of the installations tucked away in spots that one may have to make an effort to stumble into. Or be on the river and happen to look up to notice something glimmering.

With the enormous amount of objects being worked on at any particular moment, Jon made good use of the studio space and often worked late into the night when the rest of the outside was quiet. About 2/3 through his term, he moved from Studio 2 into the Fine studio for a slightly different arrangement and a bit more open space.

Works on paper and canvas:

This was a brief 5 minute conversation at the end of his first month discussing the current work in progress and methods:

Another random moment while Jon was working in November 2021:

Jon's residency term overlapped with several other participants so there was definitely time for studio talks and many campfires.

Are you feeling the burn to make your work without the outside world distractions? If so, what would you create? Apply now.


LONG-TERM RESIDENCIES INFO: Based on a video interview and additional questionnaire after application the long term residency terms are typically sabbatical length of 4-6 months. Often if one is not an academic on sabbatical, at least part-time work may be needed for your finances. There are limits to those hours and other restrictions to consider regarding guests, pets, and space upkeep that are discussed in the FAQ and in more detail in the contract.

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