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Poet & Illustration Artist, arts entrepreneur

Long term residency (6 mo) beginning March 2022

Arch Budzar has been a poet from the age of 8 and credits two of their mentors with their life journey in writing and the arts. Arch has a huge following on Instagram where they show their individuality in illustration style and poetry. In addition, merchandise and limited edition prints are available for customers internationally. Visit this blog post to hear Arch talk about early life and poetry. Arch arrived on the same day as several other residency participants, but their residency term extended much longer than those during that initial period of March into April. As an arts entreprenuer, Arch has a daily habit of creating work and running a business utilizing the benefits of modern technology and social media. A long term residency helps create a pitstop for those working in the creative fields and wanting a unique connection to this particular place in the world as another foundation to the next phase of the journey. It also allows for an organic aspect of life in the opportunity to meet random strangers that turn into friends who happen to be scheduled in residency at the same time. Residency occupancy is never guaranteed which makes it such a unique experience with the ebb and flow of people and experiences changing like a river with different volume and pace.

A residency term that overlaps with others allowed for various interactions, campfires, visiting studios to see what others were working on, walks on site and off site, and participating in each other's artistic processes. Arch spent a good amount of time with the other artists, as mentioned, including Coriander, Cynthia, and Sloane where they went on adventures and were models for Coriander in her nature-based body work. Out of respect for all the participants who were nude models for Coriander, only these images from laptop viewing are being shared here. However, please visit Coriander Focus on Patreon to support this work of nature and human photography and to see these incredible images in their full beautiful glory.

Artists and writers who work more in small scale and with laptops, sketchbooks, or craft, tend to create an artistic live/work environment within the communal and private spaces of the residency. Every random moment, Arch could be found doing something creative.

Connecting to the natural world in the fleeting moments is something that Arch embraced. From the small window of opportunity to forage wild violets to the random experience of being on site at the time of a donkey foal birth and first month's of life.

This was May 14, the day of Willow giving birth to Sage Honey.

Some examples of work created during the residency term:

Artists are asked to leave something behind as a memory of their time. If you stay in the Raspberry Residency House, you'll know that Arch was there and also what cabinet holds what items. A legacy, indeed.

Are you feeling the burn to make your work without the outside world distractions? If so, what would you create? Apply now.


LONG-TERM RESIDENCIES INFO: Based on a video interview and additional questionnaire after application the long term residency terms are typically sabbatical length of 4-6 months. Often if one is not an academic on sabbatical, at least part-time work may be needed for your finances. There are limits to those hours and other restrictions to consider regarding guests, pets, and space upkeep that are discussed in the FAQ and in more detail in the contract.

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