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SOCIALIZING [may 2021]


The ebb and flow of time at the camp without a TV in the Raspberry Residency House and encouragement to disconnect from the phone or internet as often as possible means that there are opportunities to get back to a simpler way of life. Interacting with games and even a few campfires was the highlight for the month of May. Numerous card games were discussed the days after of who won or what strategy worked best an an almost nightly basis. We even dusted off the Pictionary, too!

Creating isn't restricted to an artistic piece. Creating can also refer to experiences and memories. Creating friendships and conversations after the sun goes down or even before as you wander past someone ready to take a break from work.

Although there is no guarantee as to how many additional people may be in attendance during your residency, the timing will likely provide some sort of social experience if you are inclined. Socializing with the animals or communing with nature or reading a book are other examples of great activities at the camp.

Exploring the natural surroundings is a highlight and one of the primary goals to establish a residency in this rural place. From the Forest Therapy walks, to solo adventures, to grabbing some kayaks for a day on the river, each participant can achieve the respite and rejuvenation that is an underlying benefit of a Sarasvati creative Space residency.

At the urging of a few of the residents, we also had an art talk night to share with each other our previous work and how it relates to the current work. Finally, when possible and now that we are emerging from the pandemic, Val was able to take a crew to Nashville for a day trip including a visit to Plaza Art store, coffee shops, craft brew spot, a driving tour of the city, a yummy late lunch, and even a jaunt into Whole Foods before driving back home.

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