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Photographer/Writer/Content Creator

March/April 2022

Coriander Focus has such an interesting life story and is currently thriving as a working artist using community development tools such as Patreon. According to her bio, she creates between four and eight thousand images a year. In the interview on the next blog post, she talks about the moment she became a figure-in-nature photographer and how her life has transformed from having a job as an organizer (Marie Kondo movement) at the time the pandemic started to being a full time creative content producer as a nomadic artist and writer.

Due to the nature of her work of photography, Val was not able to document specific pieces, but if you want to see some incredible portaits of fascinating people you must visit the portfolio website today! You might even be able to pick out specific moments from this particular time in 2022.

Coriander grew up in the woods in Appalachia and taught by her family members skills such as foraging. This nature immersion was simply a rest stop in her natural way of being in the world.

Coriander is a traveler and has created her home on wheels that started as a pandemic art and life project. She parked on the RV pad that is situated between the two main residency houses and overlooks the donkey land. This most definitely is an option for any other travelers out there. It was really fun to pass by multiple times daily on chores to feed donkeys.

Coriander also prides herself on her interest and skill at community development. Because there were multiple residency participants that all arrived at the same time, this led to a wonderful organic opportunity to share. From lessons on spring foraging to an art talk night where each person shared a bit more about their own artistic practice, this was a vibrant time at the residency thanks in part to Coriander's energy. (You can see the video of that evening full of presentations of work in this blog post.)

Meanwhile, the group often went on nearby adventures for photoshoots. From fields of spring flowers to rocky river scenes, the imagery is a special capture of this moment in time. For respect of the participants as the nude models and the imagery rights of Coriander, only the images from the laptop screen are shown here. However, if you are reading this, you should most definitely become a supporter of Coriander's work through Patreon. If you become a Patreon of Coriander's work, you'll receive a monthly postcard with a recent photograph and a poem written by her. Check it out !

In the presentation time, Coriander shared that the photoshoot with the others marked 35,000 photos since 2010 and more than 150 models. Coriander is intentionally seeking to showcase inclusivity with a variety of body types, shapes, and sizes. These portraits integrate the natural environment with the human body and are not digitally altered as Coriander works to express the purity of the moment. Some of her other residency goals were achieved including attention to her professional practice by revising her contracts and other components of business side of what it takes to be a full-time artist.

Do you have a professional and fine art practice that you are balancing? Could you use some focus time to put the fine art work first with complete attention?

If so, what would you create? Often times what you think is going to take a month can be accomplished with 1 or 2 weeks. Apply today.

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