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3 weeks - MAY - JUNE 2021

Liann Shannon is an illustrator and writer who resides primarily in Taiwan, but who came home to the States at the onset of the pandemic. Embarking on a year long adventure to numerous residencies in the U.S. and abroad, Shannon started the journey at the camp in the middle of May until early June.

Her primary project is intensive and immersive. This involves an enlightenment story as parables with numerous characters and entry-ways into the narrative. Liann was very focused and quickly settled into a routine which included working on various aspects of the book project from writing, to sketching, to the detailed illustrations (and documentation for a YouTube channel and a patreon blog).

"Liann’s art uses extensive detail, visual metaphor, and academic research to contrast introspection with modern society's neglect for holistic wellbeing. Her work explores the community of nature, relearning how to be human, and the simplicity of home. She has worked internationally with clients in print, entertainment, and marketing and draws from a background in journalism; past research explores Buddhist themes in activism, mental health, community cohesion, and early childhood development." for more information on her portfolio visit here.

This video shows the illustration process, while still photos of her creative sketching process and workspace is featured on this page of the website as an example.

After settling into a routine, she took advantage of the nature immersion component of the residency. This led to many hours sitting next to the river where all are encouraged to wonder and wander.

Days before departing to the next step in the journey, there emerged a complete surprise. A hidden passion for environmental art and the desire to try out a rock sculpture for the first time ever bubbled up into a fantastic sculpture in a spot overlooking the Buffalo River. What a wonder wanderful day that must have been as apparently it took several hours of hunting for rocks and the construction. It will be wonderful to watch what happens to this mound as the water level changes and the public passes by regularly.

Wishing Liann well on the year journey she is on as a creative quest.

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