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Two Weeks - MARCH 2021

In her application, Hannah Gumbo declared her love of pink and it resonated because the back deck of the Raspberry Residency House had just undergone a makeover with a bubblegum pink accent. Her work is truly unique and exudes joy. One of the primary goals at Camp Wonder Wander is to embrace, encourage and support joy as often as possible. Hannah's goal for her two weeks was to take a break from client driven work to have fun with her own illustrations reconnecting to her personal drive.

In addition, Hannah reached out to the program because she and her husband were picking up their brand new Oliver trailer built just down the road. They wanted a chance to camp and test it out before driving all the way home to Eunice, Louisiana. It was a win-win-win all around.

Hannah, Jordan, and pup Valentine were great to have around as they got into their daily routines. One of their camp chores was to help with transferring the Donkey manure to a compost pile which was an influence in some of her drawings as worms became a fascination and theme. Hannah spent some of her time in the 3 season studio with lots of windows for natural light and on the even lovelier days outside at the picnic table or just on walks on the land.

After seeing Hannah's portfolio, it was very apparent that she did commission work for t-shirt designs and what better way to create some swag for the camp but to commission her with a Pepper Patrol design which she completed before arrival. She wanted to create a leave behind and translated the illustration into the painted board to keep on hand in a little upstart tiny store on site.

The Donkeys are a highlight of the residency program and Hannah was a donkey whisperer with the shyest of them all - Snicker Doodles - from the moment she met him. A lasting friendship most definitely.

We hope Hannah, Jordan, Valentine, and the Oliver trailer make it back in the future and maybe stay a little bit longer next time.

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