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6 days in MAY 2021

Elle Morgan teaches public speaking and communication in her role as an educator, but she also has written and is writing about the benefits of creative retreats that are immersive in the natural environment. Visiting us from her home in State College, Pennsylvania Elle had a short stay, but a deeply immersive one.

Her time was spent primarily thinking and writing, but she made time to explore the land and unique terrain that is different than Pennsylvania. In addition, she asked Val for a design consultation on her book project to analyze the structure and presentation of her latest project. Being a creative person can find it's way into multiple disciplines and in Elle's case she is a Theater Artist who is also a writer who is also someone who dabbles in drawing and painting. Her coordinated residency just happened to fall on a birthday where she spent some quiet contemplative time and also created this drawing. The highlights of her forest therapy walk were discovering some unique trees which brought back strong memories and spending time in the bamboo grove. Forest Therapy sessions are offered to residents as an introduction to the land, or sometimes as a closure to the time. Short stays of even four days can lead to immense productivity as in Elle's case.

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