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3D Oil Paintings


Caleigh is an artist who uses nature as inspiration, subject, and objects within her work. Her 3D paintings are examples of her evolution as an artist from her childhood, to school, to travels, and various skills and experiences along the way. Caleigh utilized her just over a month residency as an intentional transition from life in Hawaii for several years and back to the mainland. She was so busy that we crossed paths only with intention. Caleigh balances her life in front of a computer developing her YouTube channel and coaching instruction on social media, with physically creating art and documenting her methods, to being physically in the land taking advantage of the numerous hiking and exploring areas at the camp and nearby sites. A few weeks into her residency, Caleigh exclaimed she was so excited to be accomplishing so much during her stay. As the Covid-19 pandemic became more prominent in the states she also experienced some tech issues. Before she departed she completed a mural as her contribution to the creative space. Check out the two videos of our conversation on her last day. We hope she visits again someday. Caleigh considers herself a contemporary portrait artist. From her bio "Caleigh has been intensely studying traditional figurative techniques since she was a young teenager, as well as drawing from live models regularly, in an effort to portray her muses as the amazing works of art they already are in real life. She now creates 3 dimensional figurative oil paintings using resin and natural found objects discovered on her travels.

Caleigh received her Bachelors Degree in Studio Art from the College Of Charleston then later received her Masters Degree in Studio Art at USC in Columbia, SC, while soaking up as many art history classes as possible. Caleigh attended two atelier programs at the Istituto Michelangelo in Florence, Italy as well as Studio Escalier in Argenton-Chateau, France, and has peppered her entire life with both international and cross-country adventures and museum visits." Visit her portfolio site here.

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