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4 days in MARCH 2021

The Sarasvati creative Space was established to be a place to escape for creatives of any discipline of duration as short as a few days as fits within one's schedule. Brittyn found employment during the pandemic as she graduated from FSU which brought her to Memphis where she works with an at-risk-youth program. In her application, she expressed the need for a respite from her routine and a short escape into nature for a regeneration of her creative spirit.

Brittyn arrived on the evening of our potluck and campfire with Brent and Chao along with another artist couple from Nashville also seeking a weekend creative retreat. She participated in our complimentary Forest Therapy walk on the next day which then lead to Brittyn retreating into her room where she wrote for hours. The intentional guided walk was something that Brittyn not only needed personally, but it acted as a transition into her short residency. She was able to create a calm routine of her yoga practice, walks on the land, and writing as well as good nights of rest.

From Brittyn's bio: Passionate about introducing others to self-determination, Brittyn values her skills for communication, language, and quick-wit. With a dual degree from Florida State University in Theatre and Editing, Writing and Media, Brittyn finds her creative endeavors to border the experimental by breaking conventional boundaries of the literary and theatrical worlds. She believes best moments are found in unconditional love for the spirit we find in support of one another's light, success, and strength. She has been privileged to study in places such as Miami, Tallahassee, Manhattan, and London. She is the artistic director of: Strange Girls, a theatre collective whose mission is to facilitate these discoveries, specifically working to grant autonomy and agency to women and children who have internalized self-limitations rooted in abusive pattern.

Plans are in the works to connect with Brittyn via a video conference to follow up with her on her short time at the residency since she used her days effectively on her craft. Stay tuned!

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