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Mixed Media

April 2022

Sloane Dyer is a mixed-media artist with a vibrant zest for life who spent a month in residency with the goal of creating work and contemplating an application to graduate school. As seen on their website, a variety of mixed-media work was made during the time on site from collage to paintings as well as what is not pictured here being a model for Coriander Focus's photography project.

Sloane worked in Studio 3 which is accessible by a garage door open to the area near the peacocks and chickens. This is a decent space to work and be messy.

On the other hand, there are numerous spaces and opportunities to be spontaneous in a live/work artistic space. From the founder/director being a working artist while managing the land and the residency to potentially others on site, residency participants that can go with the flow and recognize that time is a bit squishy here as well as utilizing the spontaneous vibes to make and talk will find this to be a rewarding experience.

If you are like Sloane and interested in thinking about the meaning of life, your life trajectory, and possibly developing a body of work for application to school or shifting your trajectory needing new work for a visual portfolio, then apply to discuss options that include mentorship from the founder/director who is a former college professor.

Are you interested in trying new mediums, exploring the flora and fauna of this area, or just spending time nurturing your inner creative spirit? Apply today.

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