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JUNE 2017 (1 WEEK)

JUNE 2018 (2 WEEKS)

"Before I came to Camp Wonder Wander, I struggled to write. My day-to-day life seemed to be backing my focus and I didn’t have the time or energy to tap into my creativity. After my first night there, the next morning I got up, ate breakfast and had coffee, and just magically sat down and started writing. It stayed that way for the full 7 days I stayed.

Val was a big part of the experience for me. She’s a wonderful host, and she gives good counsel about moving forward with whatever art form or whatever life goal you’re trying to reach—she’s what they call “an old soul.” I suggest taking some breaks and visiting the beautiful surrounding area, as well. The swimming hole was a fantastic experience—calm, clear water, refreshing. You get into nature and you just can’t help but focus. In my time there. I wrote a full single-spaced 40 pages my book and 7 poems—amazing. And I didn’t tap out, either because Val was there to take me on breaks. If you’re feeling like something is missing. go to Camp Wonder Wander. Don’t think too hard on it, just go. J.T. Taylor Orlando, FL J.T. returned for 2 weeks in 2018. Her intention was to edit the work she had created the previous year. After a few days of creative block, she wrote a song. Then she wrote another song. At the end of her residency, she had written and recorded 13 songs. A collection of her social media posts are here. She asked for some assistance in learning how to cook. You'll see an array of the evening meals that we shared. Simple and healthy.

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