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3 weeks - June 2021

Audrey is currently a rising senior at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, while her home state is Arkansas. With the support of her department, she intended to explore her creative habits as she ponders her final thesis year. Audrey spent much time making art - whether it be her small oil paintings or drawings and journaling.

Audrey embraced the landscape and the offerings at the residency program. She was often seen on the porch working. In addition, she was eager to participate in a variety of activities in our volunteer component of the residency.

Numerous conversations about food and art were scattered throughout her stay. Perhaps those conversations will be seeds to her senior year project and beyond as she digests what it means to lead a life as an artist.

This residency opportunity provided Audrey with her first experience being alone in a living situation. The occupancy during the time of your residency cannot be guaranteed as sometimes people's plans can change. However, the quiet respite is often just what people are looking for whether one realizes it or not.

Well wishes to Audrey as she embarks on her final year at Ringling at the end of the summer.

What would you create?

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