artists, writers, and creatives of all walks of life welcome.
emerging, re-emerging and part-time artists
are especially encouraged to coordinate a stay
in this supportive environment.

MISSION:• affordable short-term residential opportunities for artists of all walks of life to work on special projects, sabbaticals, or retreats allowing for ideation, implementation, or polishing a body of work;


Embodying the value of retreat methodology within a natural environment and fellowship that comes from connecting with others in small communal opportunities, this residency space is committed to aiding its participants and short-term residents in connecting to a deep, enhanced level of creativity & camaraderie in a nature immersion environment.


preference given to Y'all that have nature as your muse, inspiration, or collaborator.

SPECIALTY: As an emerging program established around 2018, this is a very unique place and opportunity. The founder and director is your hostess. As a former graphic design professor with 20+ years of experience working one on one in a studio environment, the creative process runs deep in the soul and energy of interest in connecting with artists in their work flow.

because there are limited opportunities for design residencies in the u.s., This program especially emphasizes and welcomes graphic designers from anywhere in the world. Check out The offering of a non-Designer Design Residency!

Sarasvati creative Space at Camp Wonder Wander nature immersion creative retreat center is breaking down the barriers to traditional academic environments and offering individuals from varied backgrounds and ages access to workspace, mentorship, and time to breathe, think, explore.


INSPIRATION: In 1914, the Bauhaus was established to challenge traditional education and created a dynamic learning environment of multi-disciplines related to design with a mentor/apprentice model. The Bauhaus closed because of the social, cultural environment of WW1, but still resonates as an inspiration for all design and creative fields. Val Sloan was been an educator of design and design history for more than 20 years, walking away from tenure to develop this space as an alternative in the current landscape for youth, undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education; professional career development for educators and creatives alike; and as an institution that supports creatives from various backgrounds in residency programs, design and creativity workshops, master classes and individualized retreats. For those interested in design education this can be an immersive learning experience in an alternative lane than traditional educational paths.

Because Val left academia, her extensive library filled with graphic design, art, and cultural reference books fill the spaces and hopefully give you pause and moments of suspense as you peruse physical objects.

If you are interested in expanding your design skills, design sensibility, or even
curriculum development or mentorship, look at what Val can offer.