MISSION:• affordable short-term residential opportunities for artists of all walks of life to work on special projects, sabbaticals, or retreats allowing for ideation, implementation, or polishing a body of work;


Embodying the value of retreat methodology within a natural environment and fellowship that comes from connecting with others in small communal opportunities, this residency space is committed to aiding its participants and short-term residents in connecting to a deep, enhanced level of creativity & camaraderie.


As a long-term goal, the center intends to connect with the local and regional community providing after-school and summer opportunities for youth in day and residential camps to learn graphic design and other craft, artistic, and creativity skills. Additionally, we will offer clinics for students who may be interested in pursuing the field of graphic design in college or as a career, but do not have access to resources for building portfolio applications. Camp counselors will be graphic designers seeking mentorship volunteer opportunities. Continuing education opportunities for educators in primary and secondary schools to enhance their curriculum and delivery of graphic design content will be conducted.

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September 20 - October 4, 2020





• consulting, coaching, and mentorship in graphic design education and career development for all age groups and career tracks & levels in the form of innovative workshops, summer camps, and individualized programming or interaction;

• career development initiatives for those seeking graphic design and creativity education or professional development in the form of a teaching & learning center as an alternative to traditional educational paths in a variety of formats/lengths of study for 1) adults seeking training or intensive career development, 2) current University students, those considering University study, or individuals seeking affordable options or additional intensive coursework in graphic design, 3) k-12 and University educators seeking training in creativity & graphic design and/or pedagogical development, & 4) youth courses/camps and college preparatory programs

• space for retreats or creative vacations for groups – business, non-profit, personal – with individualized programming as needed from scout troops to corporate teams.
• a library filled with graphic design books with emphasis on historical content, as well as inspirational resources and literature

Sarasvati is breaking down the barriers to traditional academic environments and offering individuals from varied backgrounds and ages access to design education in an immersive learning experience. In 1914, the Bauhaus was established to challenge traditional education and created a dynamic learning environment of multi-disciplines related to design with a mentor/apprentice model. The Bauhaus closed because of the social, cultural environment of WW1, but still resonates as an inspiration for all design and creative fields. Val Sloan has been an educator of design and design history since the turn of this century and developed this space to create an alternative in the current landscape for youth, undergraduate, graduate, and continuing education; professional career development for educators and creatives alike; and as an institution that supports creatives from various backgrounds in residency programs, design and creativity workshops, master classes and individualized retreats.


What learners will engage in at Sarasvati? An immersive inquiry-based approach that encourages experimentation, recognizing happy accidents, 'coloring' outside the lines, and lateral thinking skills in the design process for discovery of visual solutions. This starts an individual's journey in learning design methodologies, principles, and practices that one cannot learn from youtube video, a public lecture, or creating a $25 logo in an hour because it is about a hands-on and interpersonal approach with a design coach and small group.


Historical perspectives and research methods are emphasized in a joyful learning environment not rote exercises or a series of memorizing names and dates. An ever-growing library of graphic design books are on hand to investigate best practices over time for inspiration and analysis. From the development of the alphabet to typographic and technological innovations, participants will be exposed to the thread of visual communication and it's impact or relationship with social, cultural, economical, historical changes in society in both eastern and western perspectives. Learners are encouraged to enhance their individual writing skills as they integrate research on an historical thread, innovations, and innovators into visual solutions ala "Designer as Author."


Ultimately, learners will engage in the art and craft of storytelling through visual narrative including, but not limited to, still or motion graphics, integration of sound, and oral history transformed into digital environment. Traditional methods such as book-binding are also incorporated in developing a final narrative project.


The immersive living and learning environment breaks completely away from the traditional classroom or lab scenario and brings learners together in a natural environment that allows for exploration near and far. From an inspiration such as Andy Goldsworthy or Stefan Sagmeister, learners will get into nature and explore form, structure and typography. While excursions and scavenger hunts in nearby towns, flea markets, and cities provide a backdrop for visual investigation, analysis of design and vernacular, and ultimately the most amazing resource for inspiration, visual content, and written research or personal stories that will be transformed invidually into design artifacts that form, function, style, purpose, content are all predicated on the design process, conceptual development, implementation of rhetoric and semiotics when appropriate, and visual solutions that are grounded in a solid idea from an individual.


Coaching is available now for learners with the ability to work independently and through online interaction including video chat and messaging, as well as low residency program in winter and summer that a learner schedules within their own time to meet at Camp Wonder Wander for in-person discussion, critique, coaching, etc.


Val is reaching out to those who have realized that traditional college is not for them. She will develop an individualized program of distance learning and at camp meetings. Imagine learning in one year what most programs will cover in four. This is ideally suited to individuals with a creative instinct that lack the means or motivation/desire to attend traditional undergraduate or graduate programs. Those who have a sense of wonder, are passionate and motivated to learn will be highly considered and those who have attended a summer bootcamp will have the foundational background. Must be open to contributing to the care and maintenance of the physical property as a component of the living-learning environment which could range from working in the garden or care-taking animals; building platforms, raised beds or vertical farming structures, marking trails, etc.; to contributing to daily meals and cleanup. For more information including a more comprehensive plan of study, please contact Val Sloan.


CALL OR TEXT: 931.213.1901

This residency program emphasizes and welcomes graphic designers from anywhere in the world.

HARVEST MOON & autumnal equinox



It's time to put your passion project on the front burner; to carve out a dedicated space and time to prioritize your recent creative direction; or to harvest the ideas that have been germinating for your new work even if that means switching gears.

Join a maximum of 8 artists, writers, crafters, or otherwise creatives for ELEVEN comfy creative NIGHTS group residency starting on the HARVEST MOON - September 13, 2019 and culminating on the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX on September 23, 2019.

The harvest moon rises quickly after sunset and illuminates the land with an orange glow as it rises to provide the light farmers would need to harvest the final crops of the summer. Use the light of the moon to illuminate your creative agenda.

Is nature your muse, inspiration, or collaborator?

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