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Postage stamps are visual stories of society and history. They are unique as artistic embellishments affixed to cultural communications of letter writing, among other types of correspondence. They bring art to the everyday and every person no matter the station in life. Email and other aspects of contemporary society in this century has reduced that interaction with this artistic expression. Although some have been astute collectors known as philatelist(s), the use of stamps has declined along with the art of letter writing.


Prior to the invention of the postal stamp the postal service designed in 1680 (in England) required recipients to pay upon receipt which in conjunction with the erroneous tariffs and fees made it a dysfunctional system that inevitably sustained. In 1837, “an ambitious polymath named Rowland Hill thought he could do better. Hill ran a progressive school, for which he also designed a central heating system, a swimming pool and an observatory. Hill’s skills weren’t just architectural and pedagogical, he was also an accomplished painter, inventor and essayist. In one of his most famous pamphlets, Post Office Reform, its Importance and Practicability, Hill argued for abolishing the postal tariffs and replacing them with a single national rate of one penny, which would be paid by the sender.” -

In the United States with the world in complete disarray due to COVID-19 in the middle of 2020, the United States Post Office is under duress unlike never before. Between April where a campaign began to buy stamps to mid-August where mailboxes are being removed, this is the time to stand up for the constitutional provision of a postal service - of the people, by the people, for the people.

A social media campaign has begun to #saveusps and encouraging individuals to #buystamps that can be delivered to you. Use your stamps in art to show our pride and patriotism for our USPS.


This call for participation provides an opportunity to use your stamps in a creative way. Integrate your stamp or stamps into an art piece or a hand-written note surrounding the stamp you are honoring. Let’s help support an institution we all recognize as an important part of our society as well as one that honors art on a daily basis. There are so many stamp designs to choose from! No experience necessary - whether you are a novice or an artist, designer, a crafter, a lover of words and letters - and no age limitation from young to the elders - you are invited to participate. This is a social campaign instigated by the Artist Residency Program (Sarasvati Creative Space) in rural Tennessee.


Creative activities that are small in terms of scale and time spent can be therapeutic in crisis. If you are buying stamps in excess to contribute to the USPS, then consider integrating one or more into a piece of art that can be exhibited on social media and in physical form for this campaign. Let's start our first part of this creative Renaissance with people sheltering in place. Inspired by postsecret campaign where postcards with anonymous secrets were/are submitted, this can be a multifaceted way to express your emotions such as FEARS, DEPRESSION, SADNESS, GRIEF, ANGER, HOPELESSNESS, INSECURITIES, AND POSSIBLY EVEN GRATITUDE for the time you have with loved ones.


Maybe you want to talk about climate change and the 50 year anniversary of Earth day. Maybe you want to honor a victim of this tragic pandemic. Maybe you want to share a special moment or something inspired by the particular stamp you purchased. Maybe you want to talk about social justice, BLM, the cause of saving the post office or escape from that and create an abstract visual.

This work will be gathered and shared in multiple formats including a virtual gallery. Any work submitted in physical form will be included in an auction fundraiser for the residency program (which provides affordable housing options for artists/writers and with additional funding could provide stipends or food as well as securing additional physical work and exhibit space). 



  • 5” x 7” (horizontal or vertical) 

  • 4.5” x 4.5”

  • for social media the material is up to you. if mailing stand alone, please use heavy paper or cardboard stock that will hold up as a postcard, or if mailing in an envelope you can use any material.


POST to social media using hashtags

#buystamps #stampartexhibit2020#saveusps #postcardart #sarasvatistampart#postagestampart #campwonderwander


and tag @campwonderwander to collect your images into an online exhibit


DONATE physical piece to a fundraiser for the residency program. What is this residency program? It's for artist, writers, designers, and other creative people. See more here. These will be posted as an auction campaign for a residency program scholarship and funds for studio space. You can mail directly as a postcard if it is sturdy enough or insert into envelope.

Will collect on a rolling basis so if you get inspired and want to pop in the mail sooner than later, that’s okay. Or if you are concerned for the front line workers in the post office, by all means hold onto these for a bit. First deadline June 30, second deadline August 30.  mail to 605 Gaither Hinson Rd. Waynesboro TN 38485


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