Annual Group Programs


Smell the earth, feel the rain, gaze at the stars, hear the birds or the sound of your feet crunching through the woods. Flowers start blooming here in February. In the time of the harvest moon, the weather is crisp but not frigid and the foliage may be turning.

What is your magical path?


Do you work better in a short time span and prefer to be around a group of people? Apply to participate in one of the special group annual residency options.

Unlike the general residency program, these group experiences include meals so you don't have to worry about breaking your creative flow. Participation in meal prep and clean up will be a part of your voluntary contribution and an opportunity to take that break. With only 7 or 8 participants, you'll be able to nourish the mind and heart, and give your creative brain space for the a-ha moments.

DUE to Covid-19 and logistics emerging from pandemic, annual group events are postponed until 2022, but you or your group is encouraged to reach out to customize your residency during these nourishing times of the year.

February Blooms

This is a special women's retreat residency. Reclaim this time period as a celebration of spring and the blossoming of your creative work.

Harvest Moon

Use the light of the full harvest moon and the energy of the Autumnal equinox to illuminate your creative agenda.

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